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28th December 2019


Let's Built with Kotlin


10 Pearls, Karachi


09:30 AM to 2:00 PM

We believe in co-creation & maximize efficiency.

APC was started by Yasir Ameen & Muhammed Ibrahim in 2016 by making a Facebook group. Our struggle to make android expert community has initiated the foundation of APC. We are trying to build an acceptable digital experience practice by delivering knowledge through events and programs of the company.

Android Community Pakistan ensures that the success rate of any individual can be measured by its impact on people and community eventually.

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“Congratulations Team APC we couldn't have done it without the efforts of everyone.”
Yasir Ameen, Muhammad Ibrahim

Founder, Co-Founder

Topics Covered

Whether you’re new to the speaking field or a seasoned pro you’ll connect with old colleagues and make valuable new friends.

Go multiplatform with Kotlin

How to leverage Kotlin to reuse our business (and other) code across multiple platforms. Using the language and Kotlin tooling, we can create applications that target Android, iOS and Web.

The state of Kotlin/JS

Let’s discover together what is new in the world of Kotlin/JS, which changes help improve the way we work with Kotlin and JavaScript, and how to get the most of Kotlin on the web right now.

Kotlin in Android

You will start by looking at coroutines in Android - what they are, how they work, in which situations you should use them. We’ll see if and how testing changes when you work with Kotlin in Android. We’ll end with a high level exploration of Kotlin/Native - we’ll see how it can be used to build a multi-platform library.

Effective Kotlin-Swift Interoperability

Over the past year, Multiplatform Fever has swept the world with the promise of code sharing between iOS and Android codebases. But how does it *really* work? What compromises have to be made by both platforms in order to achieve this goal?

Building Progressive Web Apps in Kotlin

How to use Kotlin and its support for JavaScript to Progressive Web Apps. You'll learn about Kotlin/JS, as well as how to use it with frameworks like React, Vue.js or LitElement.

Refactoring to Kotlin

If you're a Java developer who hasn't yet made the leap to Kotlin, this workshop is for you. Working as a group, we'll take existing Java code, convert it with a single IntelliJ command, and then refactor the results to idiomatic Kotlin.

Guest & Speakers

We are bringing you the perfect combination of content and experience to ignite your heart equip your mind and spark your skill.

Muhammad Raza
Leading Mobile Development Team - TelloTalk
Eric Bhatti
Co-Founder and Technical Lead - Oraan
Wajahat Karim
Senior Android Developer - Contour Software
Arbaz Pirwani
Software Engineer - Oraan

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We are very excited about the program being planned for Events 2019 this winter at 10 Pearls, Karachi.

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28th December 2019 with over 6 sessions - 10 Pearls, Karachi

28th December 2019

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